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We look at media a little bit differently around here. The Hathor Legacy is a network of blogs about women (and gender issues) in film, TV and video games; in books and comics; and in everyday living. We also host a forum where you can start topics yourself, a links blog that brings you interesting articles from around the web and an opinion register where you can make your voice heard.

What We Are and Aren’t

Hathor isn’t a review site. Nor is it a fan site. It was started in 2005 by Betacandy to demonstrate that there are people who believe the current media presentation of gender roles is not okay, as she was sick of hearing from film execs that the audience just doesn’t want to see strong women in leading roles. Other regular authors and guest posters have joined over the past few years, with various motivations, but with a common sense of frustration at the portrayal of women and gender issues in the media.

We analyze and critique women’s and gender issues in the media because they have the power to introduce new ideas to people. We try to get beyond the surface of what is being presented in order to look at the deeper messages the stories reveal—about the ways women and men are each supposed to behave, about the roles they are expected to take in a family, about the prevalence and dynamics that characterize violence against women, about what qualities are valued in women vs. men, and about the division of social power between the sexes. You’ll have to read a few articles - maybe a lot - to get what we’re saying. Some of the changes we want are obvious, but some are far more subtle.

If you find yourself worrying that this site is all we have going on in our lives, or worrying that we’re doing this instead of something really important like wrestling rapists to the ground and tattooing Rs on their foreheads, your concern is unnecessary (and will not make it through comment moderation). We all have lives, thanks for wondering, and we all support gender equality in other ways such as: teaching self-defense; counseling battered and raped women; writing books; raising children to evaluate people by their actions, not their packaging.

Where You Fit In

You can let us know what you think in comments or forum posts. You can submit articles. We don’t always agree with each other, and you’re welcome to disagree or offer a different take. We moderate comments more strictly than some sites (see the next paragraph for further clarification). This moderation policy is intended to allow the space to express opinions that are often difficult to support with statistical evidence (because the ideas we’re discussing aren’t exactly mainstream research grant material), but that are nonetheless important contributions to make to the discussion. Anecdotal observations and impressions are okay here.

Let’s just say right off the bat: we know what we do here isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. We know some people think pop culture critique is a waste of time, or that feminists are just angry men-haters or women brainwashed by colleges. If you disagree with the basic premise of this site, we’re going to moderate your comments with a pretty heavy hand, and you may think we’re being irrationally impatient with your arguments. First of all, we’re pretty savvy about telling what’s a real argument and what’s just a politely worded attempt to shut someone up or dismiss their experiences and intelligence.

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Second, we’re trying to have a discussion about something we care about, and if you’re new here and the ideas are new to you, please keep in mind that we’ve probably talked about the kind of things you’re saying a thousand times before. Check out the FAQ we have to prove it, look through our responses to those points, and if you still disagree with us, then either find a way to make your points in individual threads without resorting to those old tropes, or find one of the thousands of other websites that would welcome your positions. We don’t come to your site to tell you what a waste of space it is, and we don’t have to spend the time and money that we do to keep this site going in order to give people the space to tell us it’s useless.

Who We Are

We’re a mixed group of women and men in various walks of life. Among us are former film students, writers, academics, martial-arts instructors, volunteer counselors, journalists; Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brits; people of various racial or ethnic identities, queer-identified people, people of differing ages and education levels. While we do embrace the term “feminism”, it might be clearer to say we believe gender shouldn’t be an issue in determining opportunities and rights, and law alone cannot correct several thousand years of imbalance. Cultures need to change, and cultures are informed by their media. The one thing we all have in common is the belief that media can help people change their thinking. Our media is the internet.

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