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BetaCandy (known in offline life as Jennifer Kesler) sought a screenwriting career at the tender age of 19, with one goal: to write strong, female leads in male-dominated action and sci-fi. Unfortunately, she was informed by numerous professors and film professionals she worked with (including women, with one notable exception) that the audience only wanted to see white male leads.

After seeing the talented, award-winning, and rather independent-minded director Bernardo Bertolucci speak impromptu at U.C.L.A., BetaCandy was inspired to use her application to the university’s film school as an opportunity to tell the faculty some cold hard truths rather than give them the “oh, please mold me, I don’t know who I am” spiel she had been advised to offer. The film school rejected her in favor of fifteen roughly identical boys wearing baseball caps backwards, carrying scripts with them at all times and sharing the middle name ButWhatIReallyWantToDoIsDirect.

That didn’t stop her. She continued to work in the film industry and write screenplays for several more years. Over and over, she was told her work excelled: she just needed to redo it so the white guy was the lead, and the women could be strong in the background. So she left the industry and started this site, and the rest is history.


Purteks in general are particularly troublesome sprites in Slavic fairy mythology. This particular Purtek is otherwise known as Sarah Shulist, and she quite frequently finds that her troublesome Slavic nature gets no one into trouble so much as herself.


Once upon a time, Purtek studied Comparative Literature and Linguistics and came to the conclusion that contrary to popular opinion, literature and language are both at least as powerful as sticks and stones. The main use to which she currently puts her graduate level education is in applying 5 dollar words to the analysis of 25 cent television shows and movies (prices in Canadian dollars, so take that for what it’s worth).


She has been volunteering as a crisis counsellor and advocate for survivors of sexual assault for about four years now, including public education work making presentations on the legal definitions, prevalence and impact of sexual and domestic violence. She suspects she will never stop being angry about the social system that supports and encourages violence against women, or about the portrayal of rape, childhood sexual abuse, stalking and sexual harassment in the media, both fiction and non.


Purtek is also of the opinion that science fiction, fantasy and comic books frequently represent the highest art that current media has to offer, and would really like to stop hearing people who are surprised that she actually knows about such things and start taking her opinion seriously as soon as she opens her mouth (this also applies to discussions of hockey).


Revena (also known as Robyn Fleming, or simply R when she is in a hurry) has a B.A. in English from the University of Arizona, where she focused on literary analysis, biblical literature, classics, and women’s studies. This has prepared her admirably for critiquing the portrayals of women on television and in film. Doesn’t everyone learn Latin before they go to the movies?

When she’s not writing for The Hathor Legacy, she can often be found working feverishly on her latest creative project. She dabbles in poetry, novels, and the occasional short story.

In both her creative and her critical capacities, Revena is particularly interested in portrayals of physically aggressive women (perhaps because she is one - she holds a second degree black belt in ChaYon Ryu), science fiction, and fantasy. Should you wish to read more about any of this, you can check out her website,, in addition to reading her articles here.


Perth, Australia

Scarlett – aka Gabriella Jenchol (and before you try googling me, that’s the phonetic spelling of a very obscure European name) – aka Gabbie – went to Murdoch University, Western Australia to study arts and I loved every left wing minute of it. It was there that I discovered Hathor and dumped my narrow-minded , ‘traditional’ fiancee to be my own woman. I have since met an amazing man who’s almost as much a feminist as I am (and, fair being fair, that’s a big ask…)I’m a big believe in gender being no barrier, and that men are equal victims in the patriarchy to women. I believe that for every girl looking to throw away her toy oven is a boy looking for one and that for every man feeling the strain of meeting expectations of the libidinous male is a woman feeling the strain of exceeding the expectation of the chaste female. Basically, until we all meet as human beings and say ‘frack gender; let people be who they want’ we will all be constrained by gender expectations.

For this reason I’m a big believer in Hathor paving the way to that equality. I realise I won’t get to live in the House of Equality. I realise I won’t even get to contribute a brick. But I hope, if I crusade hard enough, I can contribute to a brick of the house that the likes of my great-grandmother created the foundation for.  You can visit me at Scarlett’s Legacy