site mission

to create a record of dissenting voices, so the film/tv industry is forced to admit our opinions exist.

hypothesis: in my experience working in the film/tv industry, I was told “We give the audience what it wants, and what it wants is white males in the lead. We have incredible amounts of ratings, survey and market research data to prove it.”

fallacy: of course they do. After decades of crappy female characters, what else could the data show? If you give a passionate steak lover the choice between some spoiled hamburger or some yummy chicken, she’s going to choose the chicken. And only a fool - or someone with an agenda - would conclude she prefers chicken to good steak. You can make market research prove whatever you want.

purpose: so here’s some marketing research they can chew on. I offer this site as equal proof to the film industry that we want female characters, that their market research is carefully skewed to “prove” we want what’s easiest for them to provide: yet more cookie cutter white leading males.

how: for this site to work, we need more voices than mine. Please get involved.

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