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Reviews of TV shows, movies, video games and books (see the Fetch List for projects of interest) and topical articles, all with a focus on how women are (mis)portrayed in the media. This includes women of every race, orientation, class, ability status, etc. Contact us if you want to run an idea past us before writing it.

Article length

We recommend a length between about 250 words and 500 words. You can go longer, but at 1,000 words, it’s likely we’ll ask you to shorten it or split it into a two-part series.

Cross-posting, and who owns your article?

We ask that you refrain from posting your article elsewhere for two months. After that, you may repost it with or without a link to us. You agree that we may keep your article on this site permanently, barring any strange unforeseen circumstance in which it would negatively impact your career or well-being to leave it posted. People comment on these articles, and deleting your post deletes the contributions of others as well.

If you want to cross-post an article or submit to us an article you’ve already posted elsewhere, contact us to discuss. Sometimes we’ll say yes.

How often can you submit?

Please limit your submissions to eight (8) per calendar month.

How to Submit

Email submissions to submissions[at]thehathorlegacy[dot]info with the subject heading “SUB:” followed by the title of your article.

Submit articles in plain text (ASCII) in the body of your email message. Please do not include attachments. If you write articles in a word processor, use the Save As Text command (usually under the File menu) to save a plain text version, which you can then copy to the email and send. Use a double space to indicate paragraph breaks. You may use HTML in your email to produce italic, bold, strikethrough and underlines.

Interested in becoming a regular author?

Some people prefer just to submit occasionally; others want to become part of the Hathor team. If you want to write for us regularly, submit a sample of your writing and we’ll talk.


If your article needs a few minor edits (grammar, punctuation, spelling) we will go ahead and edit those things. We do not alter international spellings to the American spellings (at least not intentionally - if we do, let us know). If your article needs further editing for clarity or content, we’ll discuss it with you before making changes (and you always have the right to withdraw the submission if you feel it’s just not working out).

What about rejections?

We reject articles for a variety of reasons, so you needn’t assume we thought your article sucked. This site has a very specific mandate, and some very good articles don’t quite fit it. Also, we reject articles for redundancy, so it could simply be someone’s beaten you to the punch. Please don’t take it personally; you’re always welcome to submit again.