Subway: Get fat, lose your boyfriend

by BetaCandy


TroubleInChina pointed out how a commercial from Subway crosses the line from humor at the expense of fast food (acceptable) to the hilarity of how women should be punished for failing to be underweight:

We’ve got in one fine package the idea that men are totally shallow and never find women who are overweight attractive; women are neurotically obsessed with their appearance and will end up in therapy with feelings of shame about their weight after their shallow boyfriends leave them; this will all happen if you have a burger combo.

Go read the rest of her take on it where she explains precisely why it’s not just funny.

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One Response to “Subway: Get fat, lose your boyfriend”

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    sbg Says:

    Excuse my language, but I fucking hate those commercials. 1) They rely on ideas that aren’t particularly healthy in and of themselves (but who cares, their food is “healthy”, right?) and 2) there are limited things on Subway’s menu that are marginally better for you than other fast food places, and I’m certain most people don’t have the slightest clue the number of calories and fat grams they consume at this “healthy” fast food alternative.

    Plus, I refuse to pay $5.00 for a sandwich I could pretty much make at home.

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