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The goal of this site has always been “to create a record of dissenting voices, so the film/tv industry is forced to admit our opinions exist.” Now you have a more direct way to participate.

Welcome to the THL Opinion Register, where you can sound off about the things you love and hate in film and TV. Find opinions you agree with from the list below and sign off on them by commenting, or add new opinions to the list by emailing the admin. The opinions can be general to the industry or specific to certain shows and films. They can be about currently running projects or older projects. The only rule is: they should be about women characters, the lack thereof, or attitudes toward women that are being expressed in shows or films.

Well, there is one other rule: when you add your comment to an opinion, please provide your age, gender and the country where you live for demographic purposes. Comment once per opinion, only - comments will be moderated to enforce this. If you want to chat about the topic, start a forum thread. And tell your friends. If we get a significant amount of signatures on any of these, we may have ways of getting the results in front of some industry eyeballs.

Current opinions:

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